"The Tree" is born from the creative synergy of Santagostino, talented animation director Virgilio Villoresi and artist Ericailcane.
The creations, famous for years for their uniqueness and innovation, are inspired by the world of nature and fairytales.
The classic stop motion technique of the video mirrors the meticulous craftsmanship of Santagostino.
The unusual desire to animate these timid creations brought forth a video, "The tree", which speaks the language of shy, sleepy little animals caught in between day and night.
A curious light blue ladybug takes us through its path on the tree, to the burrow where a romantic squirrel observes the starlit sky, waiting for a thieving magpie that brings a bounty of stolen jewels as a token of love.
An innovative language which promoted the new jewellery collection at Baselworld 2008.