Brand History

Santagostino is a prestigious griffe created by Leonardo and Angela Corti in 1969 out of their strong passion for style. Unique creations born from a mix of life and surreal beauty and through an ancient craft become "works of art", as the Corriere della Sera defined them.

They are art works to wear, which shot to fame in 1989 with the line “Unici di Santagostino”, a patent studied for an original woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. The “Bouquets Unici di Santagostino” immediately became cult collector items: the maison from Valenza offers a highly personal and immediately recognizable style, made of opulence, elegance and creative genius.

Precious and semiprecious stones set the tone, often in their most unusual variants, always natural and of outstanding quality, cut and carved with taste by the best goldsmiths and stone setters.

A single jewel can include up to twenty gem varieties, all differently cut. Elaborate golden threads, dotted bases and tiny settings hold each stone in a precious structure which is invisible on the front but reveals all its delicate complexity and minute details on the back.

The brand consolidates over the years thanks to countless important confirmations, prizes and awards from the high jewellery sector.

In January 2015, SANTAGOSTINO Fine Art Jewellery has acquired the TFashion certification code. TFashion: bringing ethics, authenticity and transparency to the fashion industry.

TFashion as a tool of support to all Italian companies wishing to guarantee the origin and the safety of their own products.

The Italian Fashion Industry has recognized in TFashion the perfect tool to promote Italian companies, demostrating their:
TRANSPARENCY towards the final consumer,
RESPONSABILITY towards their own suppliers,
AUTHENTICITY of their own products,
ETHICAL behaviour

TFashion has developed a meticulous audit system within the premises of the certified companies,ensuring the maximum seriousness and transparency in the application of the traceability system.