Strawberry Frost

Nature is crystallized: winter leaves a fresh frost, colours and shapes shine even brighter. Frozen little strawberries, shivering ladybugs, half-awake bunnies just out from their winter sleep accompany the Santagostino girls during polar picnics.

Non ti scordar di me

A botanical capriccio, a catalogue of flowers and gems which emerge from the melting snow: icy blue quartz, luminescence, “frosted“ diamonds. "Forget-me-not": an ancient flower becomes the protagonist of a new collection ready to leave an indelible sign of beauty in the eyes of those who receive them.

Milles Garden

After a long jurney through the Northern lands Santagostino fine art jewellery gives birth to the new collections of unique jewels inspired by the mysterious garden of Stockholm’s Milles garden, designed by architect Carl M. Bengtsson in 1908.

Caribbean Reef

Colours and a sublimely exotic atmosphere: Caribbean Reef is a collection that gives a deep sensation of calm and coolness. The inspiration is the Caribbean coral reef: corals, turquoise and infinite varieties of natural stones.


Deep reds, vivid contrasts characterize the meticulous creations by Santagostino for Agarik an exclusive line wherein the attention is focused on the detail, inserted within creations to be kept in the secret treasure chest of true feelings. The main element, at the centre of an imaginary dream is the Agarik mushroom


The love of nature and a desire to give it immortality brought to the first creations by “Unici Santagostino” : Floral creations in magnificent and colourful renaissance gardens. When inspiration, sensitivity craftsmanship combine, jewellery becomes a Art.

Limited edition

the Maison now applies its philosophy to its latest proposals: " Les Lunettes" Wood-framed glasses, painstakingly hand decorated with 18 carat gold, watches and exclusive creations